The Straight Talk Unlimited plan offers substantial savings over the short and long term life of your cellphone service. Straight Talk from Walmart is the least expensive unlimited cellphone plan on the market today. Others such as Boost Mobile and Metro PCS compete pretty well in this market with them being the more experienced older cell providers.

Straight Talk has the backing of Verizon Wireless and TracFone Wireless who are both established players in the cellular industry. TracFone is the number one provider of prepaid cellphones and they also operate NET10 winner the J.D. Power and Associate award for prepaid cellphones 2009. If that does not impress you and give you confidence in getting a Straight Talk cellphone, you might be impressed to know TracFone has over 10 million active subscribers and the customer base is growing at a steady pace.

As if that wasn’t enough, TracFone also holds a government contract which provides low income Americans with a free cellphone and a monthly airtime allowance. The Safe Link program brings the lifeline to those that may otherwise not be able to afford a cellphone. Having the means of communicating also ensures low income folks have higher chances of getting job interviews, staying in touch with family and contacting emergency services if needed. TracFone is both a strong brand as well as a community cellphone provider.