Cell phone plans are not complicated, the contracts are. Cell phone companies offer a vital service in our modern society, a necessary service. There was a time when having a cell phone was a luxury or only reserved for business people or the affluent. Today, nearly everyone has a cell phone. It offers instant means of communication in almost any part of the world. The problem lies in the contract and the often greedy and unethical practices by the cellular phone companies.

How do cell phones work?
A cellular phone is a transceiver. It both receives and transmits information via radio waves. Your cell phone operates the same way as a standard radio except it is smaller, more efficient, and with the web integration, way more powerful than a typical hand radio. The transceiver connects with the nearest tower and the signal gets routed via a base station and the phone call is made. The concept is simple and functional. The cellular waves are strong enough to transmit over long distances but safe enough to be near humans and animals.

The Cell phone contact
Wha’s all the fuss about? A cell phone contract takes such a simple concept as the cell phone and complicates it to the point that most people don’t want to deal with it or are turned off by cell phones altogether because of the cell phone contract. What is important to remember is this contract is simply a way for the cell phone provider to guarantee a profit. If you are not careful, you will sign a legal contract which binds you to a two – five year agreement. An agreement which if you try to get out of, can cost you heavily.

What are the options
Luckily, you can have the same cellular service without the contract. There are Unlimited Cell Phone Companies such as TracFone, NET10, and Straight Talk, that will give you the same [that’s right] the same service other companies offer without the complicated and often damaging contract.