The RAZR is a proven phone with at least 3 years on the market. Motorola has sold millions of the RAZR so it’s no wonder Straight Talk chose such an established device to launch its latest program.

motorola razr Straight TalkSize: 3.95″ x 2.08″ x .54″

The Straight Talk RAZR is an elegant robust and proven cell phone. It has all the features you want including

· Bluetooth

· Web browser

· Camera

· Voice commands

· Calculator

· Voice Recordings

· Calendar

Verizon network and signal strength:

The RAZR CDMA phone provides the best CDMA signal with the visible signal meter on the top right in highlighted green. The RAZR will still operate well even with only one bar of signal but obviously the more the better.

The Straight Talk RAZR operates on CDMA technology on the Verizon network. This is good news since Verizon offers large nationwide coverage. The bad news is you cannot make roaming calls on any other network. Don’t let this deter you though since like I said, Verizon has a very large network. The other things to note is outgoing International calls are prohibited. All inbound calls are accepted though.

Web browsing:

The web is actually pretty good on the Straight Talk RAZR. It has 1x speed which is about 2.45 (Mbit/s) for Downlink and 0.15 (Mbits/s) for Uplink. This is a very decent speed and it will vary depending on your signal level. Opening the browser takes you directly to the Straight talk mobile page. The Straight Talk webpage has a several preloaded sites including:

1. Download

2. Email/Social

3. Websites

4. Weather

5. Sports

6. News

7. Movies

8. Horoscope

9. Lottery

Each main link takes you to a list of other sub links.
Most people would believe however that you are limited to the confines of the preloaded pages however this is not the case. Use this trick to venture out from the Straight Talk page, press Menu and go to URL. Enter the page you want to visit directly or go to your favorite search engine such as to search the entire web. I noticed the battery compartment can get pretty warm when browsing for an extended period so don’t be alarmed if you feel the heat. In fact, this is pretty normal during any operation that uses the battery such as extended calls or browsing. In areas of lowered signal strength, I noticed “Network connection lost”. Again, don’t let this alarm you as it is perfectly normal for any cell phone to lose connection in areas of lowered signal.

Voice Calls:

The RAZR has a crisp speaker and calls go through very well (assuming you have a strong steady signal). As with all other cell phones, the call quality depends a lot on how strong and steady your signal is. The speaker hands free option comes in handy as well and the volume is more than adequate and is easy to turn on/off. To activate or deactivate the speakerphone option, simply press and hold the top left side key on the edge of the screen above the volume side keys.

Text messages:

Sending text messages is easy with the RAZR and with the Straight Talk Unlimited plan, the RAZR is ideal for the Textually active. The average person sends about 5 text messages a day and with the predictive text by Motorola, sending messages is as easy as pressing only one key per letter. The days of pressing each key several times to get one letter are gone. The RAZR fully passes the text message challenge!

File Transfers:

Transferring files is easy with the RAZR. You can either do it through a mini USB cable or through Bluetooth. Luckily, Straight Talk has not restricted any file transfer processes. The RAZR also plays MP3s so you can easily carry your favorite music anywhere you go.


The RAZR features a 4x zoom VGA high resolution camera. Taking pictures is as simple as pressing the Right key labeled “Camera” and pressing the round key in the center to snap the images. You can zoom in and out by pressing the right and left arrow keys. Another great feature is the use of the external screen for self portraits. Simply close the flip while the camera is on and you can see yourself on the external smaller screen. This is a great feature for taking avatars for Facebook or other social media. Most newer cell phones must have a tone when taking pictures but the RAZER can snap images with no tone at all. The RAZR comes with 35Megs of internal storage and unfortunately does not offer external memory support such as an SD card.


The RAZR is a phone built to last. It includes a strong screen with a protective plastic shield which can probably be replaced if it gets too badly scratched. You can also invest in an invisishield clear scratch resistant protector.
Get your Motorola RAZR V3 (Full Body shield)

The charger is a straightforward mini USB connector which unlike other cell phones will not bend or break easily. The battery is also easy to put in and take out although you may not need to ever remove it since the battery is also very sturdy and built to last.

Overall, the RAZR is a solid investment and will last for years to come. It has all the cool features and useful tools for all types of users. Beginners to advanced users will find this classic a perfect choice for the Straight Talk unlimited plan.

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