Everyone knows the day after Thanks Giving is the day a few people get amazing deals but thousands go out to shop with the hope they are a part of the few, the lucky, the Black Friday Shopper!
Retailers nationwide participate in the madness by offering great items for no profit at all. In fact, most retailers take a hit on the price of the item just for the prospect of getting hundreds of new and old customers in the stores. This “bait” approach does work since every year hundreds of people camp out the day before waiting for the so called “door-buster” deals. Consumers are so fascinated with the sales they can even get pushy, mean, and sometimes things turn out deadly.

There are lots of critics who feel the Black Friday rushes are dangerous and down right adolescent but mostly very logical. At the end of your Black Friday, the average (key word being average) does not save more than someone who simply bought as Christmas approached since the sales available to the majority will usually come back.

Walmart for example had some pretty good deals on cell phones like:
Sprint – Palm Pre Touchscreen Smartphone (Price with New 2-yr Contract)
For $75

Sprint – Palm Pixi Touchscreen Smartphone (Price with New 2-yr Contract)
For $23.00

However, if you look closely, you’re committing to a two year contract. At the end of the contract, that Black Friday price would have gone down the drain.