Would you Switch to Unlimited Prepaid Service With a Decent Smartphone?

Up until recently, getting into a prepaid plan meant being punished by having to  downgrade to a “dumb” phone. Within the last few months however, prepaid service providers have introduced some pretty decent smart phones. 3 of the top prepaid providers now have some sort of smartphone in their line ups.  As the prepaid smartphone competition heats up, there is little doubt we will see more prepaid companies add additional smartphones to their line ups. Would you switch to prepaid and save some monthly cash for one of the smartphones below?

Straight Talk

Straight Talk just jumped on the Smartphone bandwagon by introducing two new Nokia models. While not new models, they still offer so nice features. Good thing because Straight Talk is one of the better and cheaper Unlimited Prepaid providers on the market.  Is Straight Talk Available in your area?

Nokia E71

Straight Talk Nokia E71

Straight Talk Nokia E71

First, is the Nokia E71. The E71 offers a Blackberry look and feel. It sports all of the major functionality you could want in a smartphone like email, apps, wifi, video recorder, digital camera and mp3 music player all at 3g speed. While not a brand new model, this ones been around for couple of years in Europe and is quite popular. Compare the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and 6790

The E71 is an excellent smartphone with a professional corporate feel and look to it.  It’s certainly right up there with the likes of the Blackberry Bold.

Why go with a contract when you can go with something like this at half the price? Check Straight Talk Nokia E71 Availability

Nokia 6790

Straight Talk Nokia 6790 smartphone

Nokia 6790

Next is the Nokia 6790.  A more casual slider phone yet still has all of the smartphone features. The 6790 has all most of the same features as the E71 including email, apps, wifi, mp3 player and digital camera also at 3g speeds. There are 2 main differences, the 6790 has a GPS based navigation while the E71 uses location.  Second, the 6790 does not have front/back lenses for video calls while the E71 does. Compare the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and 6790

The 6790 is also an Excellent phone with great features but you must slide the keyboard to dial so that may turn some off. Check Straight Talk Nokia 6790 availability


Why spend $100 on a contract plan when you can spend $45? These two phones have great functionality so you won’t be punished with an out of date device. They may not have the same cachet as the iPhone but would you rather carry around something with prestige or do you rather save 50% on your bill? We vote for the 50% savings! Use the $600 you will save to buy an iPad or something…Is Straight Talk Available in your area?

Prepaid Cellphones are no longer weird

The idea of prepaid was once a foreign concept in the U.S. with Europe and the rest of the world leading the way. However there are so many advantages to Prepaid that the concept is pretty common now.

Cons to Prepaid Pros to Prepaid
Unknown to many Gaining popularity
Upfront payments Pay for only what you use
Upfront payments No contracts

Mainly what makes prepaid worth looking into is the freedom it offers. The company, in this case Straight Talk has already calculated what they plan on selling their service for and still make a profit. They have taken the guesswork out of making the tough decision of choosing a cellphone provider and plan.

You dont have to worry about paying more than you use or getting hidden fees at the end of your statement because, well… there is no statement.

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