Straight Talk/Net10 LG 620g

LG620 NET10

The new LG620 from Net10 Unlimited is the most compact cell phone available from NET10.

Size:4.4″W x 2.00H” x .7″

Weight: Lightweight – 3.14 ounces

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Excellent

Battery Life: Battery Talk Time Approx. 5 hours Standby Time Approx. 9 days


The LG620 from NET10 Unlimited is the most compact slide up phone from NE10. It comes equipped with a very decent camera, external memory option, and ability to browse the web. The LG620 is a palm sized on the go type of phone. You can answer incoming calls by simply sliding it up (open) and end calls by closing the slide down (will keep calls in speaker if closed) as an added feature.

LG620 from Net10 Unlimited is very easy to use although it does not have a full keyboard, sending and reading text messages is a cinch. You can browse the web and you might be able to go to Facebook (let us know if it works) with the little browser.

Downloading ring tones and and wallpapers are easy to do if you get a Micro USB cable and an external memory card (usually for about $15). Best of all, with the Net10 Unlimited $50 dollar plan, you have nothing to worry about including a pesky contract.

Buy your LG620 and start saving money with the unlimited prepaid phone from Net10 Unlimited.

Included accessories: Battery
Wall AC Adapter
Sim Card