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Verizon Multi Year Contract Alternative With Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless

If you didn’t have enough reason to save over $800 a month, Verizon announces the end to 1 year contracts. This means locking yourself down for 2 years of service. If you aren’t already saving big money on Straight Talk and are now thinking about it, consider this an excellent excuse to switch over to the best prepaid service and start saving.

Sure phone selection is not the best at this time and the plan currently lacks a true smart phone but if you want to save some serious cash then a few sacrifices are in order. Having said that, I would look for a Straight Talk android model sometime this year as we think they will want to match the likes of Cricket and Virgin mobile. In the meantime pick up one of the Straight Talk free phone deals until those Androids come out.

Are you a Verizon customer thinking of making the switch? Let us know about it in the comments.

Best Mobile Web Browsers for the Net10 / Straight Talk LG900g

There are several options for browsing the web on the LG900g. Good news because the stock web browser is somewhat limited for anything other than casual browsing.  If you want a richer web experience then checkout the browsers below. They can be downloaded from

1. Opera Mini

Opera mini is great because it has the ability to render pages in both mobile mode and full html mode.  In full html mode, it gives you the ability to zoom into sections of the site for easy navigation. Despite the great graphics, it’s pretty lightweight and quick. Sites load quickly, text is easy to read and images look great.

Opera mini allows for various setting customizations like full page view, font sizing, image quality and more. The predictive text on the address bar is a great plus as it lets you enter urls quickly and easily. Another plus the ability to render Javascript which the standard browser does not.

In short, Opera Mini is the best browser for the LG900g. The only downside to Opera Mini is the warning message when you first load a site. It can get a little annoying at times but it’s actually a great security feature as you know exactly phone the browser connects thus preventing malicious connections without your knowledge.

2. Bolt Browser

The Bolt Browser is another full html browser similar to Opera Mini. The interface is not as clean as Opera mini but pages render quite nicely.  This is another superior choice to the standard browser.

Like Opera Mini, it renders pages in full HTML.   The cool thing about this browser is that all pages are automatically rendered in full HTML. It actually performs similar to a standard computer browser. Pages are loaded partially zoomed and they look very nice. Javascript also performs very similar to a standard browser.  Another cool thing about this browser is the mouse like navigation and cursor the browser gives you.

If it wasn’t for the ugly menu interfaces, this browser would be superior to Opera Mini.  Computer like performance makes this a very attractive browser. Because of the ugly interface, we put this browser second though it is actually better, in our opinion, to Opera Mini.

3. UC Browser

The UC browser is a mobile browser with a very pretty interface that does not support full HTML. There are also a few things that are fishy about this browser which makes us think it should be avoided.  Aside from that, pages do not render anywhere near as good as Opera Mini and Bolt Browser.

The only plus to this browser is the very attractive interface. Aside from that, this browser actually does not perform as well as the standard browser.   It also has some pretty fishy things going on. For one, the Google page does not load in English which makes us think it’s working through some sort of proxy. Another thing is that pages take forever to load, yet another reason to think there is a proxy behind it.

Use this browser at your own discretion.  Give it a try if you must just to check it out for yourself but we don’t see a good reason why it would be better than Opera or Bolt. We would recommend the standard browser above this one.

Straight Talk / Net10 Lg900g 3d View Video

It’s always nice to get a good look at a phone before you buy it. Here is an excellent 3d video of the LG900g. As you can see, it is a nice looking little phone and the price certainly is right. Note that the the software on the phone in the video is not the same as the Straight Talk / Net10 software so the phone you get from them will not have the Mac style floating icons though that could be just a nice wallpaper. Anyhow, other than that, the video depicts the phone very nicely and shows exactly what the phone looks like.

A very nice “try” before you buy Straight Talk/Net10 video indeed!

Get Free Shipping and $20 Gift Card on Net10 LG900g – 750 combined voice/text/web for only $25

Get Free Shipping with Straight Talk – Unlimited plan only $45 or 1000 voice/text 30 meg web for only $30

How to Upgrade Your Regular Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone

Want to upgrade your existing Straight Talk Prepaid “dumb” cell phone to one of their new Nokia smartphones (E71 or 6790)? If so, read on because you will save yourself some heartache and a little bit of cash by following this simple little guide. Even if you have the Samsung 355,451 or 401, upgrading to the Nokia E71 or 6790 might be worthwhile.

Want to Save Money on a Straight Talk Smartphone? Find a Gently Used Straight Talk Prepaid Smartphone.

If you have an existing phone with Straight Talk, upgrading is quite easy. There are no fees associated with it but you do need to be careful when and how you go about upgrading.

Easy to Follow Straight Talk Upgrade Guide

  1. Cancel your Auto Pay plan if you are enrolled.  Don’t worry, you can enroll later. This will save you some cash because if you don’t cancel will double pay for the current month if you buy the Straight Talk E71/6790 Online.
  2. If you do not have the Auto Pay plan, wait until the last 2 weeks of your current refill. Again, this will save you a little bit of cash so you get your new phone and refill right as your current one is ending. Do not buy the phone/refill combo at the beginning of the month and activate it right away because you will loose your existing refill.
  3. Once you receive your new phone, go to the Straight Talk Website and select  “Transfer my service and phone number from one Straight Talk phone to another.”
  4. You will now be prompted to login to your Straight Talk account.  Register your phone if you have not done so previously.
  5. Once you have logged in, enter your new ESN, give it a nickname if you’d like and select your existing Straight Talk phone.

That’s it, you are done!

If you currently have GSM phone then the process will probably be completed within a few hours. Straight Talk  GSM phones are LG900, LG620g, T255, LG420G, Samsung T401G.

If you currently have a CDMA phone, then it may take a little longer but probably not longer than 24-48 hrs.  Straight Talk CDMA phones are Samsung R335C, LG220C, LG100C, LG231C, LG290C, Samsung R451C and Samsung R355C.

Which is Better Straight Talk or Cricket – Straight Talk Vs Cricket

Both Cricket and Straight Talk make for excellent Unlimited Prepaid cell phone carriers but one clearly stands out. Both in terms of coverage area and cost savings. Here is a quick little guide comparing Cricket over Straight Talk.

Find out if Straight Talk is Available in Your Area

Coverage Area

If coverage area is important to you, the the clear winner is Straight Talk. Here’s why:

Cricket –

Cricket has a very limited CDMA coverage area. Though they claim “nationwide” coverage, if you look at their map, their coverage area is sparse at best. While they technically have coverage in most states, most states only have coverage in and around major metro areas and is quite non existent in the west.  Also, their coverage is restricted to CDMA only.

Cricket Coverage Area

Cricket Coverage Area

Straight Talk –

Quite simply, Straight Talk by far has the best coverage area in the Unlimited Prepaid market.  Because they can leverage their Tracfone coverage area, Straight Talk has the largest coverage area. They can provide coverage in both CDMA and GSM markets. Because they use Verizon and AT&T, they can provide coverage just like the major contract carriers. No other Unlimited Prepaid carrier can match their coverage.

Find out if Straight Talk is Available in Your Area

Straight Talk Coverage Area

Straight Talk Coverage Area

Service Plan

If service plans are your main concern, then choose Straight Talk. Here’s why:

Cricket Service Plans

– Cricket service plans suffer from the same issues that contract plans do, they are confusing and have extra add on fees.  Cricket has different plans for all of their phones. Want a Blackberry plan? It costs extra. Want a droid plan? It costs extra. Want to roam? It costs extra. Get the picture? In short, Cricket plans leave a lot to be desired because they do not have a simple straight forward plan.

Straight Talk Service Plans

– Straight Talk has the simplest most straight forward pricing in the Unlimited Prepaid market. Two plans to select from $30 for 1000 mins/1000 texts /30 meg data for those that don’t need Unlimited and $45 for true Unlimited voice/text/data. That’s it! No roaming charges, no extra for voicemail, caller id. Two simple plans to choose from. Couldn’t be easier!

Find out if Straight Talk is Available in your Area

Phone Selection

Cricket Phone Selection –

This is one area where Cricket excels. They have some nice smartphone selections including Blackberry and Droid options. That being said, they have different service plans for each as previously mentioned. If phone selection is high on your list and service is available in your area, then Cricket is probably your best bet if you don’t mind the pricing and lack of coverage area.

Find out if Cricket is Available in your Area

Straight Talk Phone Selection

– This is Straight Talks only weakness. Up until recently, there were no true Smartphone selections. They have changed that with their addition of the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790, two solid smarphone selections. That being said, they lack a Touchscreen option and a Droid option. We expect that to change soon though. Look for a Straight Talk Droid selection sometime in the next few months. With competitors already having these, it’s only a matter of time before Straight Talk adds a touchscreen Droid.


Unless having an Unlimited Prepaid Droid is your ultimate desire, Straight Talk is your absolute best bet. They offer the best coverage area in the Unlimited Prepaid market along with the absolute best pricing.

Find out if Straight Talk is Available in Your Area

Straight Talk Nokia E71 Video Reviews

Here are some video reviews of the Straight Talk Nokia e71. Want to learn more about the YouTube and Facebook applications? Check out these videos

Find out if the Straight Talk Nokia E71 Smartphone is available in your area

Get more details on the Straight Talk Nokia e71

Get more details on the Straight Talk Nokia e71

Get more details on the Straight Talk Nokia e71

Compare the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and Straight Talk Samsung Finesse

Unique Nokia E71 Protective Cases

Today, we compare the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and the now discontinued Straight Talk Samsung Finesse 810. The Finesse was Straight Talk’s first attempt at introducing a smartphone. Despite being a good phone, the Finesse was severely restricted in its capabilities. It also had quite a high price tag. While you can still find the Straight Talk Finesse on the used market, we highly recommend you take a look at the two new Straight Talk Smartphones by Nokia. Here is a side by side comparison of the Nokia E71 and the Samsung Finesse 810:

Straight Talk Nokia E71 Vs Straight Talk Samsung Finesse

straight talk nokia e71

Straight Talk E71

cricket curve

Straight Talk Samsung Finesse 810

Calling Plan $45 Unlimited Voice/Text/Data Only $45 Unlimited Voice/Text/Data or $30 1000/1000/30meg
Roaming Included Included
Form Factor Monoblock QWERTY Touchscreen
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.49″ x 2.24″ x 0.39″ 4.6″H x 3.2W” x 0.5″
Weight 4.47 oz 3.60 oz
Battery Standby Up to 15 days Up to 12 days
Battery Talk time Up to 5 hours Up to 3.5 hours
Technology GSM 3g CDMA EVDO
Operating System Symbian Samsung TouchWiz Interface
Browser HTML w/Flash HTML
Internal Storage 110 mb 150 mb
External Storage microSD up to 8Gb microSD up to 16Gb
Email (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Exchange, Etc.) Yes No
Downloadable Apps Yes (Nokia Ovi Store) No
Downloadable Java games Yes No
Navigation Location (Non GPS) No
Wireless (WiFi) Yes No
Video Call Capable Yes No
Camera 3 Megapixel 2 Megapixel
Front Secondary Camera Yes No
MP3 Player Yes Yes
Built in FM Radio Yes No
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Downloadable Ringtones Yes Yes
More Info on the Straight Talk Nokia E71 Discontinued – Checkout New Straight Talk Smartphones
Straight Talk e71
Overall Ratings

Must Have Nokia Ovi Store Apps for your Straight Talk Smartphone

The Straight Talk Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71 both allow for access to the Nokia Ovi store. The Nokia Ovi store has thousands of app for your Straight Talk. It’s free to sign up and has plenty of free apps to download. If haven’t done so already and you own a Nokia 6790 or a Nokia E71, you need to visit the Nokia Ovi store and take a look around. Here are some free must have Nokia Ovi store apps for your Straight Talk Smartphone.  Don’t have a Straight Talk smartphone? Get more information on the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and Straight Talk Nokia 6790.

Visit the Nokia Ovi Store

Facebook Straight talk app


Snaptu lets you access your major social sites including Facebook, Twitter and more. All in one applications so that you don’t have to download and clutter your phone with various other applications.

Free application



You don’t need us to tell you what Youtube is but this app lets you access the Youtube and view videos without accessing the Youtube mobile site.

Free application



A favorite and popular mobile browser preferred over the standard Nokia browser.

Free Application.


Nokia IM

Nokia IM gives you access to all the popular IM clients including Google Talk , Yahoo Messanger and Windows Live Messanger.

Free Application.



This excellent weather application gets you instant weather information for your location. Animated forecasts, 10 day forecasts and more. This is a must have!

Free Application.



Fring is definite must have for your E71. Allows for free video calls, voice calls and chat to other Fring users as well as users on popular social networks. Also use Fring to make low cost international calls. Free application but only supported on E71

Wikipedia Reader

Wikipedia Reader

Wikipedia in your palm. Search and read wikipedia quickly and easily. This is a free application


Yahoo News

Yahoo News application lets you get the latest news. Stay on top of things quickly and easily. Free Appliction

Compare Straight Talk Nokia E71 and Straight Talk Nokia 6790

Straight Talk now has 2 pretty good non touchscreen smartphones to let you take advantage of the $45 Unlimited Voice/Text/Data plan. While both phones have an extensive list of solid features, there are some notable differences. Below is a table to help you compare the Straight Talk Nokia E71 and the Straight Talk Nokia 6790.

Straight Talk Nokia E71 Vs Straight Talk Nokia 6790

straight talk nokia e71 straight talk nokia e71
Calling Plan $45 Unlimited Voice/Text/Data Only $45 Unlimited Voice/Text/Data Only
Form Factor Slider QWERTY Monoblock QWERTY
Technology GSM 3g GSM 3g
Operating System Symbian Symbian
Browser HTML w/Flash Lite HTML w/Flash
Internal Storage 128 mb 110 mb
External Storage microSD up to 8Gb microSD up to 8Gb
Email (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Exchange, Etc.) Yes Yes
Downloadable Apps-Nokia Ovi Store Yes Yes
Downloadable Java games Yes Yes
Navigation Yes Yes
Wireless (WiFi) No Yes
Video Call Capable No Yes
Camera 2 Megapixel 3 Megapixel
Front Secondary Camera No Yes
MP3 Player Yes Yes
Built in FM Radio Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Downloadable Ringtones Yes Yes
More Info on the Straight Talk Nokia E71 More Info on the Straight Talk Nokia 6790
Overall Ratings

New Straight Talk Smartphones Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790

Straight Talk GSM Nokia e71

Straight Talk GSM Nokia e71

Straight Talk brings us 2 new smartphones that are both attractive and very functional. The Straight Talk Nokia E71 and Straight Talk 6790.  While both are existing models, this is the first time Straight Talk brings full smartphone functionality to its prepaid line up.  We can now enjoy saving money without sacrificing form and function!

For those of you who’ve been looking at Straight Talk but couldn’t bare the thought of carrying around one of their “dumb” phones, fear no longer because you won’t be embarrassed to carry either of these.  Both have similar functionality but very different looks. Compare the E71 and 6790 Surge

If you rather show off your business side, consider the Straight Talk Nokia E71.  Very sleek and very professional! This phone is equivalent to the Blackberry bold in both form and function. Honestly, the E71 is actually more attractive and the Symbian OS makes for a very functional and user friendly phone.

Straight Talk Nokia 6790

Straight Talk Nokia 6790

If you prefer to let your hair down and want a more casual look, consider the Straight Talk Nokia 6790. This one features a sliding QWERTY keyboard making for a very compact form factor while maintaining Qwerty functionality. Like the E71, the 6790 comes with the Symbian OS so it’s a very user friendly phone.

Is the Nokia E71 and 6790 Available in Your area?

If features is what you mostly care about both phones are capable of accessing your internet email accounts from providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, etc. Work email can also be accessed so long as your company has an external email site like Outlook Web Access and has ActiveSync enabled.  Both phones are also capable of accessing the Nokia Ovi app site for getting apps and games to expand your phone’s capabilities.  In addition, both phones feature full browsers for easy internet access, mp3 players, digital cameras and more.

In conclusion, these two Nokia phones finally make Straight Talk a viable choice for cell phone users who demand more than a typical “dumb” phone.  Either phone is worthy of the “smartphone” label and either is worth looking at. Moreover, the Straight Talk $45 unlimited voice/text/data is less than half the price of most contract plans. Who needs to pay 90 bones when you can pay 45 for the same?

Is the Nokia E71 and 6790 Available in Your area?

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