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The AT&T Unlimited Go Phone is their answer to increasing competition in the unlimited prepaid market. The Go phone service offers a GSM option in the Unlimited market space that has been, up until now, occupied with older CDMA services. This allows for wider roaming coverage than the CDMA unlimited services.
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Pricing: $60 a month for unlimited nationwide calling, instant messaging, texting, picture texting and video texting. No daily access fees or roaming charges.

Credit Check: None

Contract: No

Activation Fee: No

Minutes: Unlimited

Long Distance: Unlimited

Texting: Unlimited

Picture and Instant Messaging: Unlimited

Mobile Data: None included

Features: Voicemail, caller id, call waiting, 3 way calling and call forwarding.

Phone Selection: AT&T offers one of the best phone selections in the unlimited prepaid space in all styles including flip, slider, candy bar and QWERTY phones.

Comments: The AT&T GoPhone Unlimited plan is a good first effort at competing with the new low priced Prepaid Ulimited plans that are coming online.  It would be nice to see a slightly lower price or at least at the same price point as the Boost offering. Data would also be nice. The great thing about the ATT offering that others can’t compete with is the GSM coverage. So if the CDMA offerings are not available in your area, the ATT Go Phone unlimited prepaid plan would be an excellent option.  Since it’s priced some $40 cheaper than the ATT regular unlimited plan, the Go Phone option offers some substantial savings.

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