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Cricket wireless is not offered nationwide, you will need to first check your area for availability however, once you’ve determined service is offered where you live there are several great plans to choose from both individual and family plans.
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Cricket Wireless

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Cricket offers very competitive prices with lots of choices. The most affordable plan offered is a $35 a month.

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Cricket PAYGo daily plans give you unlimited calling, starting at $1/day. It’s simple. Pay one amount PER DAY for UNLIMITED communication, with anyone, on any network, at any time. Pay only for the days you use your phone. And with all Cricket PAYGo plans, there are no minutes to count, no bills to pay, no fees to worry about, and no contracts to sign.
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Pricing: Starting at $30 a month for unlimited nationwide calling and texting.

Credit Check: None

Contract: No

Activation Fee: No

Daily Access Fees: None

Telecom Taxes: included

Minutes: Unlimited

Long Distance: Unlimited

Texting: Unlimited

Picture and Instant Messaging: Unlimited

Mobile Data: Unlimited

Features: Voicemail, caller id, call waiting, Data.

Phone Selection: Cricket offers some of the more attractive and modern phones in the unlimited prepaid market place. That being said, they are also more expensive.

Comments: One of the most appealing things about Cricket is their phone selection and unlimited data. So if these are you top priorities, then Cricket is an excellent choice. With some of the newer unlimited plans entering the market, Cricket is no longer the least expensive service. One of the knocks on Cricket is the unreliability of their network. Motorola Hint QA30 is a great device to use with Cricket.

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