Net10 Unlimited

Net10 Unlimited is a newly launched product offered by NET10. If you are not familiar with NET10, they are an award winning prepaid cellular provider in the U.S. Net10 has won two J.D. Power and Associate awards for customer service and they are a rapidly growing cellular provider. The first claim to fame for NE10 was the straight forward no bull, no contract approach where each minute costs just 10 cents.

Net10 Unlimited is the latest and best plan to date. The offer includes unlimited nationwide coverage for only $50! This includes voice calls, data access, texting, email, and free information services (411). You can choose a pay as you go plan from as low as $15 a month or you can choose $50 or $25 dollar services as well. The best choice here is the Unlimited plan for the low price of $50 tax free and with no extra hidden charges.

You can choose from the following phones:
Samsung T401G
Samsung T201G
Motorola Em326G
Motorola 408

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