There are several options for browsing the web on the LG900g. Good news because the stock web browser is somewhat limited for anything other than casual browsing.  If you want a richer web experience then checkout the browsers below. They can be downloaded from

1. Opera Mini

Opera mini is great because it has the ability to render pages in both mobile mode and full html mode.  In full html mode, it gives you the ability to zoom into sections of the site for easy navigation. Despite the great graphics, it’s pretty lightweight and quick. Sites load quickly, text is easy to read and images look great.

Opera mini allows for various setting customizations like full page view, font sizing, image quality and more. The predictive text on the address bar is a great plus as it lets you enter urls quickly and easily. Another plus the ability to render Javascript which the standard browser does not.

In short, Opera Mini is the best browser for the LG900g. The only downside to Opera Mini is the warning message when you first load a site. It can get a little annoying at times but it’s actually a great security feature as you know exactly phone the browser connects thus preventing malicious connections without your knowledge.

2. Bolt Browser

The Bolt Browser is another full html browser similar to Opera Mini. The interface is not as clean as Opera mini but pages render quite nicely.  This is another superior choice to the standard browser.

Like Opera Mini, it renders pages in full HTML.   The cool thing about this browser is that all pages are automatically rendered in full HTML. It actually performs similar to a standard computer browser. Pages are loaded partially zoomed and they look very nice. Javascript also performs very similar to a standard browser.  Another cool thing about this browser is the mouse like navigation and cursor the browser gives you.

If it wasn’t for the ugly menu interfaces, this browser would be superior to Opera Mini.  Computer like performance makes this a very attractive browser. Because of the ugly interface, we put this browser second though it is actually better, in our opinion, to Opera Mini.

3. UC Browser

The UC browser is a mobile browser with a very pretty interface that does not support full HTML. There are also a few things that are fishy about this browser which makes us think it should be avoided.  Aside from that, pages do not render anywhere near as good as Opera Mini and Bolt Browser.

The only plus to this browser is the very attractive interface. Aside from that, this browser actually does not perform as well as the standard browser.   It also has some pretty fishy things going on. For one, the Google page does not load in English which makes us think it’s working through some sort of proxy. Another thing is that pages take forever to load, yet another reason to think there is a proxy behind it.

Use this browser at your own discretion.  Give it a try if you must just to check it out for yourself but we don’t see a good reason why it would be better than Opera or Bolt. We would recommend the standard browser above this one.