Both Cricket and Straight Talk make for excellent Unlimited Prepaid cell phone carriers but one clearly stands out. Both in terms of coverage area and cost savings. Here is a quick little guide comparing Cricket over Straight Talk.

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Coverage Area

If coverage area is important to you, the the clear winner is Straight Talk. Here’s why:

Cricket –

Cricket has a very limited CDMA coverage area. Though they claim “nationwide” coverage, if you look at their map, their coverage area is sparse at best. While they technically have coverage in most states, most states only have coverage in and around major metro areas and is quite non existent in the west.  Also, their coverage is restricted to CDMA only.

Cricket Coverage Area

Cricket Coverage Area

Straight Talk –

Quite simply, Straight Talk by far has the best coverage area in the Unlimited Prepaid market.  Because they can leverage their Tracfone coverage area, Straight Talk has the largest coverage area. They can provide coverage in both CDMA and GSM markets. Because they use Verizon and AT&T, they can provide coverage just like the major contract carriers. No other Unlimited Prepaid carrier can match their coverage.

Find out if Straight Talk is Available in Your Area

Straight Talk Coverage Area

Straight Talk Coverage Area

Service Plan

If service plans are your main concern, then choose Straight Talk. Here’s why:

Cricket Service Plans

– Cricket service plans suffer from the same issues that contract plans do, they are confusing and have extra add on fees.  Cricket has different plans for all of their phones. Want a Blackberry plan? It costs extra. Want a droid plan? It costs extra. Want to roam? It costs extra. Get the picture? In short, Cricket plans leave a lot to be desired because they do not have a simple straight forward plan.

Straight Talk Service Plans

– Straight Talk has the simplest most straight forward pricing in the Unlimited Prepaid market. Two plans to select from $30 for 1000 mins/1000 texts /30 meg data for those that don’t need Unlimited and $45 for true Unlimited voice/text/data. That’s it! No roaming charges, no extra for voicemail, caller id. Two simple plans to choose from. Couldn’t be easier!

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Phone Selection

Cricket Phone Selection –

This is one area where Cricket excels. They have some nice smartphone selections including Blackberry and Droid options. That being said, they have different service plans for each as previously mentioned. If phone selection is high on your list and service is available in your area, then Cricket is probably your best bet if you don’t mind the pricing and lack of coverage area.

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Straight Talk Phone Selection

– This is Straight Talks only weakness. Up until recently, there were no true Smartphone selections. They have changed that with their addition of the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790, two solid smarphone selections. That being said, they lack a Touchscreen option and a Droid option. We expect that to change soon though. Look for a Straight Talk Droid selection sometime in the next few months. With competitors already having these, it’s only a matter of time before Straight Talk adds a touchscreen Droid.


Unless having an Unlimited Prepaid Droid is your ultimate desire, Straight Talk is your absolute best bet. They offer the best coverage area in the Unlimited Prepaid market along with the absolute best pricing.

Find out if Straight Talk is Available in Your Area