Used to be that only the “low end” belonged to the prepaid crowd. Those days are over. There are are now several mvno prepaid carriers that are offering prepaid Android smartphone plans.  So while your Verizon and ATT buddies are boat anchored to their 2 year minimum plans, you get to enjoy the same benefits without the ball and chain.  The prepaid providers might not have the latest phone at all times, but that’s ok because the savings and hassle free plans are worth the slight sacrifice in bling factor. Here are the major prepaid carriers now carrying prepaid android smartphone plans.

Cricket Wireless Android Plans – Cricket was one of the first Prepaid carriers to offer the Android line of smartphones.  Cricket prepaid Android plans start at $55 for unlimited plan. Their current Android phone line up consists of:

prepaid android plans

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Android Plans – Virgin Mobile is another Prepaid Android pioneer.  Currently they have 2 Android phones and a decently priced unlimited plan which starts at $60. Prepaid Android phones include

Boost Mobile – A new comer to the Android game. They have recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy Prevail.  Plan starts at $50.

  • Samsung Galaxy Prevail

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Metro PCS Prepaid Android Plans – Metro PCS is a new comer to the Prepaid Android smartphone market. They have recently introduced the Samsung Indulge and their plan is priced at $60.

  • Samsung Indulge